On-Demand Webinar

Applications run business, but application downtime or performance degradation kills customer experience and disrupts developer priorities. Getting applications the resources they need to perform is a challenge that grows as applications become more highly distributed and dynamic.

View this webinar as Turbonomic experts discuss:

  • How customers are getting the most value from APM integrations with AIOps technologies?
  • What to expect for the future of application performance assurance?
  • How application insights can be used to drive better infrastructure resourcing decisions?

Application performance depends on well written and architected application code as well as infrastructure (On-premises, cloud, containers, storage, network). See how the combination of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) works for many of the world’s largest businesses and can work for your team as well. 

We hope you find it helpful!

Our Speakers:                 

mor-cohen-tal aj-nish

Mor Cohen-Tal

Cloud CTO, Turbonomic

AJ Nish

Senior Product Manager, Turbonomic