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Application Resource Management for Azure Migrations

Turbonomic AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) simultaneously optimizes application performance, compliance and cost in real-time. Our software platform automatically discovers and assess every layer of the application stack (including physical machines) and determines the exact cloud compute, storage and discounting mechanism resources needed for applications to perform at the optimal cost in Azure.


Self-Managing Anywhere and in Real Time

Application Resource Management

Full Stack Understanding Turbonomic’s agentless platform deploys in minutes, assessing and understanding the consumption of resources at each layer of the application and infrastructure stack.

Real-Time Migration Planning Turbonomic automatically understands real-time application needs, enabling customers to streamline your environment prior to migration as well as mapping on-premises workloads to the precise service types and configurations needed to perform in Azure

Seamless Integration Orchestrate your migration, via API, through Azure Site Recovery or other third-party solutions via the Azure Migrate Portal, to seamlessly support high-scale, complex migrations

Application Resource Management (ARM) After migration, Turbonomic simultaneously optimizes application performance, compliance and cost in real-time. Applications are continuously resourced, automatically, to perform while satisfying business constraints.

“Turbonomic enables Freshfields to continuously plan, control and optimize cloud resources to deliver application performance, adhering to business policies and minimizing cost as we move from our data centers to the cloud” 

- Steve Harnett ,

Global Head of Strategy and Architecture – Freshfields