On-Demand Webinar

Organizations around the world are embracing the innovation & economic benefits of Microsoft Azure. Azure delivers comprehensive cloud infrastructure capabilities on which customers can design, build and manage their mission critical business applications. 

With the continued growth of the Azure catalog and widening skill set required to manage their portfolio of offerings it is critical organizations leverage automated software & systems to allow humans to focus on what they do best, innovate.

Join this webinar as we unveil the latest and greatest features in Turbonomic to help your organization drive more reliable performance in Azure while at the lowest possible cost.

Specifically you will learn about:

  • How to leverage software to more accurately plan for new RI purchases and manage your existing RIs in Azure
  • Plan for on-premises SQL migration to either Azure VMs or Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Turbonomic and Microsoft Azure Migrate Portal integration and use cases
  • How to plan your next migration to the cloud while driving better performance at the lowest possible cost 


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Jacob Ben-David
Director, Technical Marketing
Murphy Vandervelde
Product Marketing Manager, Cloud