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Turbonomic 7 is the premier solution for Application Resource Management (ARM) of cloud and virtual environments. Application Resource Management is a top-down, application-driven approach to automation that continuously analyzes applications' resource needs and generates fully automatable actions to ensure applications always get what they need to perform.

  • Software automatically makes application resource decisions to continuously assure performance, preventing resource contention
  • Lower costs by matching real-time application resource demands to infrastructure supply on-premises and/or in the cloud
  • Collect data from your environment and provide actions that can and should be automated
  • Easy deployment, no agents!


What's Different About Turbonomic 7?

The architecture. Turbonomic 7 is a highly-scalable and available, microservices application. It can be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster or as an OVA. You then assign services running on your network to be Turbonomic targets. Turbonomic discovers the entities (physical devices, virtual components and software components) that each target manages, and then performs analysis, anticipates risks to performance or efficiency, and recommends actions you can take to avoid problems before they occur.