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DevOps Automation with Terraform & VMware


Learn how to implement Infrastructure-as-Code for VMware IaaS environments using HashiCorp Terraform, an open source platform which is rapidly growing in popularity. 

With this report, system administrators and architects will explore core Terraform features as they apply to a VMware vSphere environment including VM, storage, and host infrastructure life cycle.

Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic, provides practical examples, design patterns, and tips to help you confidently elevate yourself from basic orchestration to a DevOps methodology using Infrastructure-as-Code.


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Learn how moving from scripting to collaborative DevOps methods is possible with Terraform

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Explore Terraform in a VMware environment by codifying common tasks and processes

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Learn some specific operations processes for infrastructure managed with Terraform

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Clone, snapshot, and manage VM and data center object life cycle with practical Terraform code samples

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