2019 State of Performance in Modern Applications

Survey Report

In this survey report, we examine application modernization and its impact on performance. We conducted our survey from October 17, 2019 to December 6, 2019. The survey was completed by 704 participants. 

Survey Highlights

  • Approximately ⅔ of applications are being modernized or slated to be modernized.
  • Application modernization promises opportunities, but complexity is the leading challenge at 29%.
  • 81% are optimistic about the cloud native landscape, but acknowledge a skills gap.
  • Application performance is critical to any business, and over 60% are measuring it.
  • Application Owners, Developers, and DevOps are viewed as the leading influencers and ultimate owners of application performance.  
  • Application, Container Platform, and Developer teams feel more responsible for application performance than DevOps.
  • End-user complaints are still the leading measure of accountability.

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