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2020 Multicloud Cover v3

2020 State of Multicloud Report: A CIO's Guide to the Underlying Dynamics Fueling Digital Transformation & Multicloud Strategies

Our 2020 survey of over 900 IT professionals examines the underlying dynamics fueling cloud-native, container, and multicloud adoption. The data highlights the technologies and behaviors of leading organizations, representing key learnings for CIOs leading the charge into the digital age.

For leading organizations, multicloud is about leveraging the right applications and services to differentiate their business. But as these organizations adopt multiple clouds, containers, and cloud native as part of their digital transformation, they face very real challenges. Cultural challenges due to new technology and operating models (57%) and complexity in managing hybrid/multicloud environments (55%) are the top barriers to achieving business goals.

How can you and your team take advantage of these new technologies while minimizing the challenges often associated with them?
Download our report to learn more about multicloud drivers and what you can do to accelerate your journey toward digital transformation.

Additional findings covered in this report:

  • Microsoft Surges in 2020: Microsoft Azure took a significant lead in the survey, growing by 18% in the last year – 61% of respondents are using Azure.
  • Container Adoption Continues to Grow: Up from 62% in 2019, 75% of respondents are on their journey to containers and cloud native, ranging from exploring, pre-production, early production, advanced production, or platform-first. 39% of respondents are running containers in production.
  • Edge Computing Has a Promising Future: Nearly 50% of organizations are leveraging or planning to leverage edge computing in the next 18 months, but respondents also believe that the complexity of managing highly distributed services and data will be the primary barrier to adoption.
  • Managing Data is the Next Big Problem to Solve: In 2020, the ability for application components to be fully portable is the leading barrier to workloads moving freely across clouds and infrastructure.