AWS Trusted Advisor vs. Azure Advisor

Solutions Comparison

Live Webinar | Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 at 11 am EDT

Get ready for the ultimate showdown! The "Advisor" service, which is offered by both Azure and AWS, has been assisting cloud users with best practice checks and recommendations around cloud fundamentals such as security, cost reductions, performance, and fault-tolerance. Over the last few weeks, both vendors enhanced their offerings with new recommendations you should know about.

Join us on for an interactive and informative webinar that will examine both offerings to decide which "Advisor" offers the most value "advice" to its users.

You'll Learn:

  • Overview of the best practices and recommendations that are offered by each service
  • Deep-dive and comparison of the cost reduction and performance capabilities recommendations of each service
  • When and why you should use third-party solutions, such as Turbonomic


crop Jacob Ben David mor-cohen-tal Rick
Jacob Ben-David
Director, Technical Marketing at Turbonomic

Mor Cohen-Tal
CTO, Cloud at Turbonomic

Rick Ochs

Principal Product Manager at Turbonomic


All attendees will have the chance to win a LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon!