Who Owns Cloud Native Application Performance?

On-Demand Webinar

Modernizing your applications to cloud native or even microservices is a journey. One that begins and ends with people, not just technology. More and more organizations are making gradual yet transformative changes to how they build, deploy, and manage their applications. 

Join us as we explore the critical and evolving roles that own, define, and influence application performance in the cloud native world. We’ll examine the modern application life cycle, common performance management tools and methods, as well as the opportunity that measuring performance affords us to better communicate business value.

You will learn:

  • The modern application lifecycle and the tools different teams use to manage performance across it
  • How measuring and giving ownership to performance is an opportunity to communicate business value to leadership
  • [DEMO] How software can automatically manage resources to meet Service Level Objectives


crop Asena Hertz crop Enlin Xu-2
Asena Hertz
Director, Product Marketing
at Turbonomic

Enlin Xu
Director, Advanced Engineering
at Turbonomic