COVID-19 Readiness Webinar Series

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    • Transitioning to Remote Workers with VDI 
    • Planning for Hardware Supply Chain Disruptions 
    • The Network Impact of a Suddenly Remote Workforce |  Register with SevOne to receive a recording.
    • Using Software Automation to Remotely Manage IT Operations 
    • Capitalizing on Cloud Elasticity 
    • Taking Immediate Action to Reduce Your Cloud Bill
    • Navigating Volatile Financial Markets: Adapting to Transactional Demand Shock
    • Remove Risk, Gain Performance: Insurance IT’s Response to COVID-19 
    • Empowering Lifesavers: Healthcare IT’s Response to COVID-19 
    • Maintaining Citizen Access and Service: Government IT’s Response to COVID-19
    • A Suddenly Digital University: Educating the Remote Classroom

Empowering the Global Remote Workforce

In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of business on a global scaleSome industry sectors have come to a grinding halt; Information Technology is not one of them. 

The sudden, now-global remote workforce is powered by technology and supported by IT professionals who have been tasked with one or more of the following in the past several weeks: 

  • Quickly yet responsibly transitioning toor scalinga remote workforce through virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Adapting to the network impact of a suddenly remote workforce who require consistent access to applications for business continuity
  • Fortifying your WAN and on-premises estate to assure application uptime and maximal performance on the infrastructure you own, as hardware supply chains face increased strain for the foreseeable future
  • Optimizing the performance of your AWS or Azure public cloud environment to capitalize on the increased need for redundancy and elasticity without overspending on public cloud resources 
  • Ensuring business continuity across clouds by automating as much as possible while your IT staff becomes increasingly remote and geographically distributed  

Turbonomic is working around the clock to help our current and future customers adjust. Watch one or more of our 30-minute broadcast demos to see how Turbonomic can help you empower your remote workforce.

Attendees will learn what to ask from your key IT providers to help navigate your response to COVID-19. Turbonomic experts are available to help with free consultations to share best practices from our global customers. Turbonomic is also extending access to our agentless platform to quickly assess and optimize IT environments to assure business continuity under Work From Home directives.

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