ServiceNow and DevOps for Responsible IT Agility

On-Demand Webinar

DevOps teams want speed, agility and automation. IT teams often spend most of their time on manual tasks. AI driven automation of workflow tasks can help assure application performance while reducing errors, simplifying administration and enabling IT to focus more time on driving innovation.

Watch this webinar where we discuss how the Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration enable enterprise IT organizations to work at DevOps speed.

You will learn:

  • Why friction exists between DevOps and IT Service Management (ITSM) teams
  • About bridging the gap between application performance and IT infrastructure processes
  • How Gary Prindle from Carhartt is using AppDynamics, Turbonomic and ServiceNow integration to drive better business outcomes and accelerate innovation.



crop Bali Kuchipudi aj-nish Gary Prindle
Bali Kuchipudi
Director, Product Marketing at Turbonomic

AJ Nish
Principal Product Manager at Turbonomic

Gary Prindle II

Senior System Engineer at