Continuous Service Optimization & Planning for Kubernetes

On Demand Webinar

Modern applications are being built for speed, scale, and elasticity. Microservice architectures and the CI/CD pipelines that support them are enabling developer speed, but increase the complexity of ensuring application services continuously run. 

Join us for an in-depth review of what’s new for our Kubernetes and container support in Turbonomic. We’ll cover:

  • Container Resizing: Turbonomic now offers continuous service optimization, ensuring that your applications always get the resources they need to perform, no matter how often your Developers need to deploy. Turbonomic automatically and consistently resizes containers within the same service/ReplicaSet based on their real-time resource needs. These actions can be executed in real-time, or as part of your existing deployment process.

  • Container Planning: The containerization is a journey—one that starts with the first few applications and then expands as you demonstrate success and demand for your next-gen application platforms rapidly grows. For customers that are looking to accelerate the onboarding of new applications and services as part of their platform-first initiatives, Turbonomic now offers the easiest, most accurate way to plan for this growth. For example, customers can determine how much headroom they have in their clusters, or simulate adding (or removing) demand (Kubernetes pods).


crop Asena Hertz crop Eva Tuczai
Asena Hertz
Director of Product Marketing 
at Turbonomic
Eva Tuczai
Advanced Solutions Product Management & Engagement Manager at Turbonomic