Transformation Secrets from the World's Largest Financial Firms

On-Demand Webinar

Digital transformation is taking hold in every industry vertical as the number and complexity of applications continue to grow, and adoption of public cloud and containers accelerates. There is a lot to be learned from organizations that are leading the way as you navigate your own course.

Watch this webinar which explores the transformation secrets of the world’s largest banks. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The compelling drivers of digital transformation
  • How the world’s largest banks are reinventing IT innovation
  • Takeaways to ensure that business outcomes drive IT initiatives

Whether you are in financial services or not, this webinar will provide insight into the priorities and initiatives of some of the world’s most advanced IT environments. 


Alex Hasterberg crop Bob Wambach

Alex Hesterberg
SVP and Chief Customer Officer
at Turbonomic

Bob Wambach
Vice President, Product Marketing
at Turbonomic